What is a good okr score?

The sweet spot for OKRs is between 60 and 70%. A lower score may mean that the organization isn't achieving enough of what it could be. A higher score may mean that the goals you are aiming for aren't set high enough. With Google's 0, 0 - 1, 0 scale, the expectation is to obtain an average of 0.6 to 0.7 in all OKRs.

In total, the average is 80% or a raw score of 0.8, a passing grade. However, OKRs go further and also require self-evaluation. Scoring or qualifying OKRs consists of establishing specific criteria for evaluating the success of the OKR methodology. Google's rating recommendation is to aim to complete between 60 and 70% by the end of the quarter.

Achieving 70% of OKRs is considered impressive, and achieving 100% should be extremely rare, what's worse. It should be frowned upon, as it means that the team wasn't ambitious enough. OKR measurement is the process by which specific success criteria are established or qualified for key results to create success thresholds for the objective. Tracking OKRs allows you and your team to reflect on achievements and helps you evaluate what should be done differently in the next cycle or in the coming months.

There are many aspects of objectives and key results (OKRs), and of goal setting in general, which are the main factors that explain why the framework works so well. This way, teams have time to familiarize themselves with the process, understand what works and what doesn't, and make improvements earlier in the OKR cycle. Without a solid strategy for monitoring and scoring objectives and key results (OKR), it can be difficult to evaluate performance and move towards long-term objectives. The OKR engine room are conversations and debates about what your goal should be, what you should measure and what should look “good” and “incredible”.

With OKRs you can be ambitious and feel comfortable celebrating if you fall short, since effort and learning are also a cause for celebration. Everything it contains, your mission, your strategy, your KPIs, health metrics and OKRs, can be added, managed, measured, reported and kept up to date in ZOKRI. However, since teams have started working in shorter cycles, it is increasingly important for organizations to be able to update the progress of their OKRs every week, focusing especially on key results. ZOKRI is the best OKR software for OKR measurement and performance management, and makes it easy to score and score OKR.

ZOKRI also makes the limits of success clear, unambiguous and a positive part of the planning and execution process. McKinsey also reported that the use of OKR in a B2B sales organization resulted in 20 percent more overall objectives, since teams and individuals could set their own objectives. OKRs become interesting to what extent it is decided to develop each key result, how success is defined and the progress of OKRs is measured, especially in an agile work environment. The conversations that are required to support the qualification and difficulty of the OKR, and the way in which progress towards a goal is managed are the basis of what makes some teams and companies to come exceptional places to work.