Can you have more than one okr?

Having too many OKRs can undermine the purpose of the framework. In general, we recommend setting a maximum of 3 to 5 OKRs per team per quarter. This is a maximum, not a minimum; it's perfectly fine to have just 1 or 2 OKRs. While the answer is the same across the board, there can be some nuances depending on the size of the organization.

To capture your organization's ambitions, you must have a maximum of three objectives, each with between 3 and 5 key results. They should all fit on one or two pages. I wish I could give you just one OKR number as the “correct maximum amount”. The answer is based on your context.

If you have 30 employees, the most likely thing they can achieve is one goal and up to three key results. For larger organizations, it makes sense to have specific business unit objectives. Again, start with a goal for the next two quarters and see if you can align your organization around it. If you end up with more than one, make sure you have enough staff to support that effort.

Keep in mind that not every team needs to have a single OKR to achieve this. As long as you meet some mandatory criteria, there's no need to set a right or wrong amount of OKR. But there is an amount recommended by professionals. Professionals recommend setting between 3 and 5 OKRs per quarter instead of setting up too many at once.

Depending on the number of OKRs you establish, it's crucial that they represent your most pressing priorities and the effective tasks you need to accomplish. Most OKR objectives can be measured with 1 to 5 key results per objective.